According to research done so far Fatih Madrasa education in the opening year (1470) is considered the beginning of the Istanbul University. Until Fatih Kulliye is established temporary teaching is done in madrassas converted from churches and monasteries attempted to establish a library. Fatih library has dedicated some books from both their library. At the opening of the Fatih Mosque, first library was established in four madrasas. After a while the books in these libraries are combined in a library with built in Fatih Mosque and Hagia Sophia located in Zeyrek madrasah. The opening of the faculty of the University of Istanbul Fatih Mosque is considered to be the start we can accept this as the first to collection the Istanbul University.

After the proclamation of the Tanzimat, launched in the context of the modernization of education, to regulate the education and training business, established in March 1845, the report by the Ministry of Education of the Provisional Council, has been proposed the establishment of a Darülfünun in Istanbul. In April 1846 it was ordered the establishment of Darülfünun by Sultan Abdülmecid. But in September 8, 1865 the Hoca Paşa mansion fire completely burned and thus the first Darülfünun library has been destroyed.

1869 Maarif-i Umumiye Regulations came into force. Provisions regarding the establishment of libraries in this regulation have also taken place. Darülfünun-i Osmani opened in February 1870 was closed again in 1873.

After the declaration of the Republic on 3 March 1924 issued by Education Law of Unity of all schools, madrasas, libraries are attached to the Ministry of Education. Medresse-t-ul Kuzat (Female School) was transferred to Darülfünun to be used as library building.

April 1, 1923 date, and Law No. 493 Darulfunun’s administrative and scientific autonomy is recognized. At that time Ismail Hakki Baltacıoğlu was appointed to the President’s Office of the Dean of Arts of Darülfünun. Baltacıoğlu wanted to create a common Darülfünun library by gathering books from all madrasas in Kadi School building. and reference books left collection it was decided to gather together collections in madrasahs.

Abdulhamid’s works in the library in Yıldız Palace was decided by 1 June 1924 and the works were transferred to Darulfunun. The transfer of Yıldız Palace Library to the Library of Darülfünun has provided the museum value with introduction of the many manuscripts that are of value to the existing collection. Preparations ending in November 30, 1924 the public library was opened.

In May 31, 1933, Istanbul Darülfünun’n the abolition of the Ministry of Education has been approved by the Parliament a draft law on the. Istanbul university has been established.

In 1934 with Istanbul University’s inclusion to “Printing text and pictures compilation Law” iand from this date onwards Istanbul University Library, instead of being just a University Library has also won the National Library nature.

Moved to the building in 1981 where currently in use the library and began to serve. Our library managed to add one another century old collections, languages and writings is the oldest and largest university library today. In 1982, with the Higher Education Act 2547 coming into force under the name Istanbul University Library and Documentation Department Istanbul University began working with institutes and research centers, libraries faculties.

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