Off Campus Access

Necessary Procedures for Home Access

  • The password information is not given to the users, if the message is not sent with the institutional extension name of If you are a member of the Istanbul University and do not have an electronic address, you can click here to make your application. In order to connect from home, it is one of the primary requirements to have an institutional electronic address.
  • You are required to use the Internet Service Provider opened by our University for home access. Click to see the details about how to make adjustments for your computer.
  • The announcements for databases open on trial take place on the web page of our university. You can find the URLs and the details about these databases on the web page of electronic databases of our library.
  • The user names and passwords of the encrypted resources are sent to the electronic addresses of the users. If the announcements are not received to your address you can have your address information controlled through the Information Office.
  • The all subscriptions and trial databases accessible from home or campus are IP defined. Which procedure is carried out through which computer is monitored by the publisher servers. The database agreements concluded with the publishers are licensed to the Istanbul University. Since the licenses include the utilization of resources and related regulations, the university may legally liable for possible misuses. Breaching of these rules may result in suspension of our subscription, blocking access to the resources for a while or termination of our agreement. The correspondences and payment transactions for database subscriptions takes long processes and new projects are produced for creating resources. Long term blocking may occur in case of a misuse or if the subscription is cancelled the fees are not paid back and no right can be claimed. Therefore, do not copy a large number of files from an electronic resource by using third party softwares. Print out the necessary parts of the material or save them to your disc so as not to put the university in such kind of situation and interrupt the scientific researches.
  • Do not share the information copied from electronic resources with the persons who are not a member of our university or send these to their e-mail lists even if there is no commercial purpose.

• Since our library is in cooperation with other institutions you can request to benefit from a resource that you are not subscribed. The possibility of receiving your requests in electronic format is up to the agreements of the institution with the publishers. Your requests may be provided upon your notification to us. We kindly ask you to use your electronic mail addresses for your article requests.

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