Documentation Department gives a briefing to Rector Prof.Dr. Yunus Söylet, Deputies to the Rector, Advisors to the Rector, General Secretary and Department Heads

Library Director Pervin Bezirci -in her briefing- touched on the following; the Integrated Library Automation System Project conducted since 2013, the New Look at the Old World : II. Abdulhamid Period Maps Project (3rd. Virtual Library Project), Rare Books Facsimile Project, miniature Works Project, Journal of History at a Glance Project, Restoration Workshop Project, Istanbul University Publications Project, Istanbul University Thesis and “just Read” Project : IU Library Supports School libraries Project and all of the projects planned to be carried out in the library, such as the Community Outreach Project also innovation and changes planned for the future.

Means necessary to provide cutting-edge services of international standards were discussed.

We thank everyone once again sincerely who supports our work particularly our Rector Prof. Dr. Yunus Söylet including university management for their hard work and cooperation.

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