Beyazıt II Turkish Bath Culture Museum, Whose Restoration Has Been Completed, Meets With Art Lovers in the Exhibition- From Yıldız Palace to Istanbul University

Beyazıt II Turkish Bath Culture Museum, whose restoration has been completed, meets with art lovers in the exhibition- From Yıldız Palace to Istanbul University

“Beyazıt II Turkish Bath Culture Museum and From Yıldız Palace to Istanbul University exhibition” opened simultaneously.

Istanbul University opens Turkey’s first Bath Museum. Speaking at the opening ceremony held in Beyazit II Bath in Beyazıt Campus, Rector Prof .Dr. Mahmut Ak said that the realization of these projects will carry the university’s past culture and identity to the future .

Ak, voicing that university comes from the nation’s bosom also said, “Our university is a university integrated with state and the nation. Fused with society, in cooperation with all other institutions, our university has been working to fulfill its responsibilities within a spirit of fellowship. One of the best examples is here. There are two beautiful works here coming to fruition with academic experience and cooperation of our responsible, social, initiative and generous people.

Former IU Rector Prof. Dr. Yunus Söylet, who has made contributions to the project, pointed out that it was one of Turkey’s fastest restorations who went on saying “the museums of University are institutions watched and followed by the society very carefully. As IU society, we have so much historical wealth that Beyazıt II. Bath that we see today is just a part and a very nice example of it “

Söylet, wishing to rise awareness to preserving historical monuments also said ” the adventure from the Yıldız Palace to here constitute only a part of works we have kept for years as relics and I think for the first time a large bath museum is meeting with its visitors this evening inTurkey”

Contributing to the realization of the project Prof. Dr. Nurhan Atasoy pointed out that The museum and exhibition project could have taken at least 4 years to complete had it been attempted in Europe or America who went on to express the following:

“We are the people who manage not the easy but which is not easy. I had around me all the young people. I have brought together an incredible team. I would be lying if I told I am not proud of what I have done. Because I had around me young students, which allowed me to perform my ability to teach here. They have put into practice how a museum exhibition could be opened. This is the biggest and best work I ever did as a teacher. I’m very happy”

After presenting donors with a plaque, Nurhan Atasoy guided visitors to exhibition.

The exhibition will remain open until August 27th.

“From Yıldız Palace to Istanbul University” exhibition, created by a selection from Library of Rare Works’ valuable collection of IU’s Library and Documentation Department, will be welcoming visitors at this place for the following three months. The exhibition includes many valuable works for example; the first iron meters used during the Ottoman Empire era, Sultan Abdulhamid II’s telescope, manuscripts, such as the musical notes of the courtiers.

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