We watched unimpeded

We watched unimpeded

“A we are watching unimpeded activity”; With the coordination of Turkey Barrier-Free Computing Platform and the support of the MORSEND (Moroğlu Culture and Art Association), the event “we are wathing unimpeded” was held on May 20, 2015 in Istanbul University’s Faculty of Communication Conference Hall with the co-organisation of Istanbul University’s Library and Documentation Department-Barrier-free Information Centre and the Application and Research Center for the disabled.

“The we watched unimpeded Activity”: The activities carried out in 25 universities and 18 provinces aim to raise awareness for the disabled to watch movies together with the regular cinema audience at the same time and in the same hall. In this context, the film director Özhan Eren organized the movie “The Last Letter” with sign language and subtitles for the participants to follow with ease. Healthy viewers were distributed a black eye patch in the beginning to help them sympathize with the disabled.

The Dean of IU Faculty of Communication Prof. Dr. Nilüfer Sezer made the opening speech of the event stating that they are proud to be hosting this kind of event which will increase the social responsibility and that they should organize more events which will always be supported.

Prof. Dr. Resa Aydin of IU Disabilities Research Center Director took the podium after Prof. Nilüfer Sezer pointed out that activities carried out at the same time in 18 different cities in 25 universities and indicated that she watched film “The Last Letter” thanked film director Özhan Eren.

Prof. Dr. Resa Aydın followed by AK Party’s Istanbul Deputy Aydin Erol Gürsoy who pointed out that following the removal of law on people with disabilities in speech and that punitive sanctions are not effective stressing the need to create a social consciousness that occurs in this area and thanked everyone who contributed to the event.

Gönül Moroğlu, The Secretary General of Volunteers Morsender, who took the podium to make the last opening speech indicated that they have made significant efforts and efficiency with the Barrier-Free Movies slogans for years and that it has a very important place.

Following the speeches, Gönül Moroğlu the General Secretary of MORSEND, and the director of the movie “The Last Letter” Özhan Eren, ENUYG Director Prof. Dr. Resa Aydin were given a plaque of gratitute for the contributions they have made to the Barrier-Free Movie by the Library and Documentation Center Director Dr. Pervin Bezirci. The movie Director Özhan was unable to attend the event due to health problems so MORSEND Board Chairman Yavuz Örnek took the plaque on his behalf.

The event ended with the film viewing.+

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