A Strategic Focus on Disability

A Strategic Focus on Disability
İstanbul University, within the Context of Disability Week on 10th-16th of May 2015 organised a meeting, “Disability Strategic Perspective” in cooperation with the Disabilities Research Center and The Library and Documentation Department.
The Disabled Week, held every year between 10th to 16th of May with a focus on “Disability Strategic Overview” and with the participation of several faculty members, student programs and projects volunteers began in Pocket Cinema of IU today. In the program, the issue “Where is IU in Disability Studies, where should it be?” was discussed.
The ENUYGAR(IU Disabilities Research Center) Director Prof. Dr. Resa Aydin, made the opening speech at the event saying that the most important issue is to enable the disabled to participate to a life of an accessible environment.
Aydin announced that by 2012, a three-year suspension was made which expires on July 7. He claimed that only 20 percent of the streets are appropriate for the disabled and that “we have to be a follower of Rights. The Disabled movement is a challenge.
IU Radio, Television and Film Department Chairman Prof. Dr. Neşe Kars drew attention to disability issues. Kars asks those wearing a black ribbon “Have you ever had an experience like this before?” who later listened to the answers of the participants. Prof. Dr. Kars, “We must be aware of disability issues. Not everyone is like us, ” said.
Prof. Dr. Kars, thanked Prof. Dr. Resa Aydin for her activities on disability in İstanbul University. She also added that creating educational materials based on individual differences of students with disabilities is an equal right to education.
IU Library and Documentation Department Head Dr. Pervin Bezirci clarified the issue of “Barrier- Free Information Center Studies” Bezirci explaining that the technological tools are now available for the disabled added that ” we are trying to produce a community outreach programme and taking part in social projects ” Bezirci, ended her speech saying: “Anybody can be a potencial disabled. Being disabled is not the problem. The problem is not leading a hand for the disabled.
Following the meeting, volunteers who read audiobook at The Library and Documentation Department Barrier-Free Information Center were given a plaque by Pervin Bezirci and Barrier-free Information Center Head Coordinator Mustafa Özyurek and photographs were taken. After the presentation of plaques Prof. Dr. Resa Aydin stated that the Disability Research and Development Center, which they built with a staff of five, has been in operation for 12 years.
Specialist Songul Altınsaçlı, Unit Coordinator for Students with Disabilities highlighted the purpose of the meeting held on the subject. “Students with Disabilities Unit Studies ” in his presentation. She also emphasized that there are support units for disabled students in 175 universities in Turkey which share their experiences and information with regular workshops held each year. She also stressed that regional meetings are held in İstanbul and 44 universities were invited and that the first meeting was attended by 23 representatives from 14 universities. Mrs.Altınsaçlı also added that ” we have decided to continue these meetings in order to improve the work of the relevant staff and employees in the new coordination unit which will be established”
IU Vocational School of Social Sciences Deputy Director and Finance, Banking Insurance Department Head Asst. Assoc. Dr. The Mine Kırbaşlı talked about the projects she has made with students about people with disabilities since 1996. The meeting was followed by taking pictures.

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