ARLICON (Association of Regional Library Consortium) the collaboration aims to share library services and library resources in Russia Association of Regional Library Consortia was founded in 2002. ARLICON who has made it its mission to develope new quality standards for library services, new networks and to introduce technology-based information in Russia has been developing joint projects on libraries.

ARLICON, since its foundation, has been organizing an international congress every year. This year, the 14th one was held with the main title “Library Consortium Systems: Technology and Innovation” conference, organized in partnership with the University of Istanbul. The first part of Congress was held at the St. Petersburg Polytechnic University in Russia between 22nd -24th of June 2015. As the organizing committee member Department Head Dr. Pervin BEZİRCİ , Expert Güler DEMİR, Research Assistant of Department of Russian Language and Literature Eren MÜHÜRCÜ attended the Congress. Apart from the congress, there have been exchange of useful insights and experience.

The second part of the Congress was held at Istanbul University on 25th -26th of June 2015.

At the Congress, consisting of two parts, “Access to Scientific Knowledge in Turkey” moderator in the first chapter was Tuba Akbaytürk ÇANAK (ANKOS Board Member and Director of Koç University Suna Kıraç Library) and speakers were Sami ÇUKADAR (ANKOS President and Istanbul Bilgi University Director), Alexander PLEMNEK (St. Petersburg Polytechnic University Regional Library Consortium and ARLICON Director), Gideon GÜRDAL (Izmir Institute of Technology Library and Documentation Department, ANKOS Board Member), Ertugrul ÇİMEN (ANKOS Former President and Director of the University Library MEF) also contributed.

In the second chapter, titled “Digitization Project Examples in Turkey and Russia,” the moderator was Doç.Dr.ümit KONYA (Literature Istanbul University Faculty of Information Management) and speakers; Dr. Pervin Bezirci (IU Head of Library and Documentation), Selçuk Aydin (Digital Archive and E-Resources Atatürk Library Coordinator), Elena BUN (National Library Director), Dr. Nil BAYDAR (President of Şifahane Books and Archives Office), Mehmet SOLAR (Ottoman Archives), as well as from Russia, Natalia Sokolova (St.Petesburg Polytechnic University Library Information System Consortium Institute for Director), Marina Karpova (St.Petesburg State University Director), Evgeny STRUKOV (Kazan Federal University Library Director) also made contributions.

On Friday June 26, trips to Süleymaniye Library, Istanbul University Central Library, Bayezid II. Turkish Bath Culture Museum, Faculty of Arts Library, Rare Books Library, IU School of Law Library were made.

In the fruitful meeting with intensive participation access to library and information between the two countries experiences have been exchanged on different applications and projects, interviews were conducted to carry out new cooperation and projects.

We sincerely thank the participants, speakers, Istanbul University’s Central Library team, International Academic Relations Department Chair, Media and Public Relations Manager, Faculty of Pharmacy, St.Petesburg Polytechnic University and ARLICON group members for their contribution in ARLICON 2015 Congress.

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