Since 1991, the Association of University and Research Libraries (UNAK) has been holding annual conferences aimed to increase awareness of practitioners in Librarianism in Turkey in various platforms debating current issues related to the Information Science. These conferences are carried out traditionally with the support of government agencies, various universities and sponsors every year.
This year’s raditional UNAK conference was carried out in a partnership fashion amongst the Congress in UNAK, İstanbul University and the Prime Ministry between 17- 20 September.
This year’s main theme is determined to be “International Cultural Heritage and Management of Cultural Memory Institutions” a Hacettepe University’s Professor at the Department of Information and Records Management Prof.Dr. Yasar Tonta, from the Academy of Fine Arts Professor Dr. Pietro Live Bologna, Italy, Ad Polle from the Netherlands Europeana Senior Project Coordinator Bavarian State Library from Germany, Ph.D. Claudia Fabian and from our country, journalist, writer and author of Şeref Oğuz and Hıfzı Topuz were invited as a speakers. With the participation of distinguished native and foreign scientists giving a total of 140 presentations in which about 400 people participated, the congress proved fruitful.

At the Congress,, the third of the virtual library project prepared by İstanbul University’s Central Library the ” A New Look at the Old World : Abdulhamid II Period Maps and Plans project “( Rare Books Library’s map collection and also a valuable report covering the same subject were presented by the Department Head Dr.Pervin Bezirci and an exhibition compiled from outstanding examples of the project in question was put on display for the visitors.
We would like to thank sincerely firstly, President of the Congress Dear Dr. Nevzat Özel, whom we are happy to collaborate with and all UNAK team for their support, Istanbul University’s valuable managers, Central Library Team working sincerely, all academics and practitioners from different universities and institutions who lent their contribution, all participants, Central Library, part-time student team, our esteemed students, Document Management Division for making UNAK 2014 possible.

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