An “AUTHOR SEMINAR” oranised by Istanbul University’s Central Library with the co-operation of Elsevier Publishing House and Istanbul University Faculty of Medicine in Istanbul on Monday 28 September was held at the Faculty of Medicine’ premises.

At the seminar where Elsevier’s 3rd Party responsible for developing the publisher for a magazine Marc Chahine participated as speaker for young researchers information on the following issues such as; the peer review process aimed to publish the publication of the international journal, how to make a successful publication, how to publish articles in international academic journals, publishing types, academic language, the construction of the article, the author’s copyright-responsibilities, publishing ethics was shared.

At the seminar, answers to the following questions have been searched; to do good research; to broadcast widely, to read, to be considered by other researchers, and communities, to research (supported by funds) to broadcast in research environment “How do I reach the target?”

“Reach the target” in particular is based on three principles:

1) the ability to identify the best possible strategy for publication of research findings.

2) The best possible way to write your article.

3) The most efficient interaction with editors. Key success is to put yourself in the shoes of the critic, editor and those of the reader’s.

At the seminar also key issues to be taken into account in magazine selection a realistic assessment of the quality of research and target audience of the intended research topic to be explained to readers in an attractive manner and to avoid from regular errors through which the rejection of the article can be avoided.

By applying these principles continuously and understanding the process of publication and expectations of editors and critics it is explained it is possible to become a much more successful writer.

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