“Libraries Festival”,  first held in 2013 and repeated every year due to strong popular demand and appreciation,  has evolved to become a tradition. This year being the 52nd. Library Week,  the third one will be held in Istanbul University’s Central Library on March 28, 2016  between 12.30- 17.00 hours.

The aim of the Library Festival is to introduce all the innovations through an atmosphere of competition and festivity to announce, to increase the interest and awareness of  library and to reflect energetic and dynamic spirit of  librarians to confluence the silence of books with the voice of people,  art and technology in a festive mood.

It is an honour to welcome you-our esteemed guests- in our lively and colourful event, “The 3rd. Library Festival”



Istanbul University,  Library and Documentation Department   






12:30                 Welcome – Register (Draw Lottery and Food Coupon                            distribution)

12:30 – 13:00     Cocktail

13:00-13:45       Dinner (Surprise Refreshments)

13:45 -14:00      Opening of the Festival

Dr. Pervin BEZİRCİ  (Department Head)

Prof. Mahmut AK  (Rector)


14:00 – 14:30    Theatre (sketches on University and library )

14:30 – 15:15    Box competition (surprise gifts)

15.45-16:00      Presentation of a plaque to Sponsor companies

5.45- 16:30       Concert  (VIOLET)

13:30 -17:00     International Data Base Display Stands

Photography Exhibition


ATTENTION :  On March 28, 2016,  following the opening Ceremonies of the 52nd. Library Week,  there will be a shuttle bus to Istanbul University’s Central Library from Ali Emiri Cultural Center at 12:00.


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