At the 3rd.Library Festival we are meeting again with Library Friends …

 “The third Library Festival  “, held for the first time in 2013,  has come to have been repeated each year turning into a tradition.  Due to popular demand and appreciation gathered this year a festival was held on Monday March 28, 2016 celebrating the  52th Library Week in Istanbul University’s Central Library.

The aim of the Library Festival is to introduce all the innovations through an atmosphere of competition and festivity to announce, to increase interest and awareness on libraries and to reflect energetic and dynamic spirit of  librarians to confluence the silence of books with the voice of people,  art and technology in a festive mood.

So we have made a call to all Library friends; “We want to be with you and say the same songs  if you want to participate in the competition and see the colors in our world become involved in the smell of a book we are waiting for you on March 28 at Istanbul University’s Central Library Reading Room” We have realized a very warm and nice meeting.

Our festival IU has drawn by about 400 people consisting of the senior management of a large number of valuable faculty members, librarians, students and the friends of book.

Prior to our festival we have treated our guests to Kahramanmaraş ice cream as part of our rich dinner menu along with Ottoman paste creating a new modern dining table with tableware and we wanted to come together to create an atmosphere of tolerance and beauty.

Our director Dr. Pervin Bezirci started the festival with a warm “Welcome” speech honoring the contribution our festival IU Dean of the Faculty of Arts Prof. Dr. Mustafa Özkan who also made a speech emphasizing the importance of libraries and librarianship.

Halls, elaborately decorated by all users and guests Books Friends within the framework of our Festival with a different atmosphere full of emotion the first time, have  been the subject of universities and libraries. A Theater Company named Bad-Meaning has staged “We want to play the game” watched with great admiration and laughter.



Just then, our festival’s famous “Box ” competition which has become an indispensable and traditional part of our event took place. There were questions and surprise gifts where participants received their gifts with the contributions of actors.

Following the plaque giving ceremony  to all sponsors for their support for our festival Istanbul Technical University State Conservatory Turkish Music of lecturer solo and drum artist, prepared by Hakan Dede’s contribution, the famous artist and song writer  EFLATUN concert  and its beautiful melodies that were sung along.

Thus,  our aim to reflect the dynamic nature of the library  “The third Library Festival” has reached its goal with our guests and with great interest in a cheerful, energetic atmosphere highlighting the image of the librarian and the library.

We thank all the library friends for their support and for participating in our 52th. Library Week wishing many happy returns.

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