Central Library welcomes new semester students at preference and promotion Days …

Istanbul University is opening its doors to students’ and parents preference IU Rectorship Garden days in July 20th-21st. 2016. A great deal of interest was shown by parents and students alike on the first day of the Istanbul University welcoming days 218 students along with a total of 472 people including 254 parents visited İstanbul University.

Students and had the opportunity to get information about the library from librarians at the Central Library Promotion board meeting. Along with general information about the Central Library the students were briefed about Istanbul University’s history, campus, scholarships, food, shelter, sports, health and social facilities, such as student and faculty exchange programs.

IU Preferences and Promotion Days 2016, has been streamed live on the Internet.

In addition, prospective students can access all the information about the Istanbul University’s preferences and promotion days in a specially prepared “iutercih.istanbul.edu.t is” which is available on the internet. Information about IU preferences and promotion Days 2016 is being shared on Istanbul University social media account (twitter, facebook, vine, instagram)

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