In-house Meetings Continue …

In-house Meetings Continue …

In-house meetings are held in order to inform other librarians employed at Library and Documentation Department on the content of scientific meetings attented the year round.

Thus, professional development and innovation on everyone’s learning, can be met in the current knowledge of how to implement it and the benefits to be gained is planned to be brainstormed.

In this context, a symposiumon on “Library and Archives Services of the Municipality International ” at Nilüfer Municipality Nazim Hikmet Culture House in Istanbul was held on May 12-14 2016 participated on behalf of the library by Yücel Yilmaz, Mustafa Özyürek and İsmail Atacan in June 4th. Thursday where a presentation for the library’s staff is followed.

The symposium was held in order to contribute to the creation of policies in this area to evaluate municipal library and archive services from a scientific perspective, to discuss, identify problems and develop solutions; to discuss original research and applications, and to add to the literature, ‘the overall titles were as follows;

  • Foreign Practices in Municipal Library and Archives Service
  • Cultural Heritage Management and Digital Libraries in Municipalities / Archive Applications
  • Municipal Library and Archive Services Policy
  • Digitizing the Municipal Library and Archive
  • Approaches to Municipal Library and Archives Service
  • Digital Technologies and Digital Libraries in municipalities
  • Innovative Approaches in Municipal Library
  • Electronic Document Management in Municipalities and Archive Applications
  • Urban Municipalities Memory Functions
  • Municipalities in EDMS and e-Government
  • Department of the Municipal Library and Reading Habits
  • Municipal Library and Archive Services: Practices
  • Educational Practices in Municipal Library and Archive
  • Thematic Municipal Libraries

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