Central Library attends a workshop of PUB (Public  Administrators)

The main theme of this year’s PUB workshop held in AntalyaOctober, 12th-15th  2016 was “Transformation”  KAM workshop,  held together with a team and archives managers of museums inTurkey,  was attended by approximately 500 professionals from many libraries. The Workshop was attended by İ.Ü’s Central Library Head Dr.Pervin Bezirci, expert Selçuk Süzmetaş and İsmail Atacan.

Ankaref’s CEO Erhan Binici and president of Turkish Historical Society Prof. Refik Turan made the opening speech. The aim of Libraries, Archives and Museums Workshop was to contribute to the development of this sector. It was a workshop aims to clarify what to do in the short and long term to be able to manage the future with humble contributions of all participants on new technologies.

The protection of our cultural heritage, digitization, characterization, metadata standards, communications technology, restoration, conservation, presentation and content sharing in the industry were amongst the issues discussed in the sessions.

The first session; Library, Archives and Museum of Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs)

Moderator: Selim Burat – Dell EMC 

  • Anatolian University Libraries Consortium (ANKOS) – İsmail Çetinkaya
  • Balkan Libraries Union – Recep Zogo
  • Association of School Librarians – Aydin İleri
  • Turkish Society of Archivists (the ARŞİVD) – Assoc. Dr. Mehmet Fahri Fuat
  • Turkish Librarians’ Association (TKD) – Ali Fuat Kartal
  • Turkey Informatics Association (TBD) – Ertan Barut
  • Association of University Museums Platform – Professor Dr. Fethiye Erbay

The second session: Digital Cultural World (1/2)

 Moderator: Kıvanç Çınar – Informascope 

  • Lawyer Boğaç ÇEKİNMEZ – ÇEKİNMEZ Law Firm
  • Yasin Gülbay – T. C. Culture and Tourism Ministry of Cultural Assets and Museums General Directorate
  • Assoc. Dr. Honorary Mehmet Fuat – Istanbul University Department of Information and Records Management
  • Emine H. Gür – Bogazici University Department of Library and Documentation


The third session; Head of the General Staff Military History and Strategic Studies (ATAS) Presentation, Col. Bülent Durgun

 The fourth session; Digital Cultural World (2/2)

Moderator: Başar Küçük – ORACLE

  • Dr. Pervin Bezirci – İstanbul University Library and Documentation Department
  • Selçuk Aydın – Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Directorate of Libraries and Museums
  • Erdal Naci – Turkey Informatics Association
  • Dr. Önder Bayır, General Directorate of State Archives

The fith session; The Future of Libraries, Archives and Museum Buildings

Moderator: Hakan Çıngı – Room Design

  • İsmail Çetinkaya – Centenary University Library and Documentation Department
  • Zeynel Abidin Türkoglu, Head of Land Registry Archives Department
  • Prof. Dr. Hamza Kandır – Marmara University, Information and Document Management
  • Ufuk Mahmut yazıcıoğlu – Macro Spazio
  • Fevziye Deniz Atasagun – İstanbul Directorate of Reliefs and Monuments

The sixth session; Moving Beyond the limits of User Service

Moderator: Intron – Engin ÖNAY

  • Mehmet Üneş – Kastamonu University
  • Ercan Şen – Ministry of Training Materials and Publications Department
  • Ebru Kaya – Bilkent University Library Directorate
  • Prof. Dr. Mutlu Erbay -Bogazici University Faculty of Fine Arts
  • Özgür Külcü – Hacettepe University Department of Information and Records Management


In the fourth session of “Istanbul University Library Collections and Projects” a presentation was performed by İ.U’s Central Library Head Dr. Pervin Bezirci and experts Selcuk Süzmetaş on Central and digitization work carried out in the Rare Books Library, Information Technologies Department prepared jointly with the new library software and experiences in digitization projects …


A consensus has been reached on the following issues;

Creation of in the country’s top institutions by the leading institutions

Shaping the top board as an autonomous structure,

Increasing cooperation between institutions in the country,

Establishing standards for digitization

Creation of complete catalog of digitalized publications  

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