İstanbul University Hosts 53rd. Library Week Opening Ceremony

The 53rd Library Week Opening Ceremony, organized in cooperation with the İstanbul University Library and Documentation Department and the Istanbul Branch of the Turkish Librarians’ Association and hosted by İstanbul University, was held under the theme of “Third Place Libraries, New Roles, New Approaches”.

The 53rd Library Week Opening Ceremony commenced with the National Anthem and the moment of silence.

“If we want to get to know the books, we must touch them”

Rozelin İçgil took  the platform of the IU Information and Document Management Department as the first student to speak. In her speech, she said the following:  ” I am very happy to have the opportunity to speak on behalf of the students who will graduate because of the 53rd. Library Week. For me, the book represents an escape to be away from the insensitivity of the real world, sometimes as the other dimension of life, which examines the world and people from a different window and sometimes offers the opportunity to experience  the reality first hand . If we want to get to know the books, we should touch them. If we think that we will do our job best, we should be a book worm. We need to learn all the innovations and improvements before everyone else. We must constantly improve and renew ourselves. ”

“We are happy to be in The Third Place”

Samiye Erol Alkan, Member of the Board of Directors of the Istanbul Branch of the Turkish Librarians Association, elaborated on the “third place” which is the opening theme. Alkan went on to say “We meet every year with a different theme and this year with the theme of the Third Place Libraries, new roles, new approaches. What is the third place, and where are the libraries in this third place?  We all know from our own lives that we are continuing our daily routines between home and work which are repeated almost daily. As the first place, our houses are the places where we rest and refresh for tomorrow. The second place is our work places where we produce and get paid for the work we do. Many of us have experienced that being able to shuttle between these two places gives us a sense of imprisonment. The third place is actually a place where we are fully out of the difficulties as an alternative to the compelling and formative effect of the other two places, we are happy to express ourselves and to be there at large. The third place is the public library, which is free, open to the public, as well as a venue for carrying out book keeping and presenting, as well as platform where get together to socialize, meet with others,  get to know others and have a bit of chit-chat ”

“We need qualified individuals at every level”

İU Head of Information and Document Management Department Prof. Dr. Mehmet Canatar stated that every field of professional  work in our country needs well-trained individuals; who went on to say ” Universities, in charge of turning their students into qualified human power have to provide the knowledge and literacy skills for each individual as well as a compulsory education. When we look at various studies and theses made on library users especially in higher education the fact that undergraduate students have problems in searching and using information even at graduate and doctoral level we see students experiencing problems. The onus to overcome this problem is with Universities. At this sharp end of fulfilling these responsibilities we need to supply university curricula with courses such as information sources, scientific research methods and scientific information access. The way to reach a climate  of educational culture and science that our country deserves goes through the libraries and information centers ”

“When students, we spent a great deal of our time in Libraries”

İstanbul Provincial Director of Culture and Tourism Coşkun Yilmaz, a graduate of Istanbul University Department of History, in his speech told ” We spent our lives in the libraries when we were students for this reason being here today as a graduate of the history department of this university is very special for me Dr. Yilmaz shared his impressions of today’s Central Library. He said that the Ministry of Culture and Tourism’s data on reading rates are not where they should be falling way behind Turkish standards. Yılmaz ended his speech by giving various messages and advice to the librarians of the future.

“Libraries are an indispensable part of Higher Education”

İU Rector Prof. Dr. Mahmut Ak,  in his speech, pointed out that it is an honour to host the ceremony saying that the libraries support formal learning by being an information center and meet the lifelong learning needs of the community as a non-formal education center, as the Library Week’s host of honor of the official Opening Ceremony.  Education, science and art are based on books and library. In recent years libraries have come to the forefront with the concept of “information society” where whose characteristics, variables and dynamics are determined. İstanbul University Libraries are among these.

İÜ Rector Prof. Dr. Mahmut Ak noted that there have been a lot of innovations and changes in recent years in the İU libraries serving to facilitate and accelerate the access to information for researchers.  Prof.Dr. Mahmut Ak also stated  “Now, all IU libraries can be accessed through a single click on a 24/7 automation system. Virtual library projects were realized for the first time in Turkey. Many projects such as “A view to history from the newspaper”,  “İÜ Theses”,  “İÜ Publications Project” and  “İÜ Rare Books Library”  have been launched. Electronic databases have been increased.  Barrier-free Information Center opened in 2012 within the Central Library working with the aim of providing support for the students with disabilities in our university to be able to maintain an equal education for the more efficient and non-disabled students. Areas used by the students have been renewed to enable researchers to benefit from the services provided by the IU Central Library in a more comfortable environment.  Scanners were employed in increased numbers for digitalization projects and the fulfillment of student requests for digital information service and benefits were increased ”

In the development of the country with the awareness of the importance of management of information is the Rector of the University reiterated that they constantly supported the development of the libraries. “Libraries should be regarded as an indispensable part of higher education and librarians should take a more active part in education and research,” said Prof. Dr. Mahmut Ak.

After the speeches at the opening ceremony, İstanbul Branch of Turkish Library Association passed on to  the 53rd Library Week Award Ceremony. First of all, ” Reader of the Year”  awards have been presented.  In 2016, the most loyal readers of the public libraries were selected and the awards were presented to the people who were selected as “the most readers” of Istanbul.

Elif Kesen who borrowed 458 books in the category of children came first, Gülderen Kübra Yıldırım came second who borrowed 200 books and Elif Çalışkan who borrowed 200 books came third. In the youngsters category, and Beyza Nur Yiğit with 97 books, while Didem Bakay came second and İrem Karakoç came third. Kadirye Necibe Ünal, who borrowed 207 books awarded the first prize in the adult category, Zehra Özgen came second with 190 books and Osman Ziya Sipahi third with 120 books.

Hüseyin Ege Gök was awarded with the project “Library of Yüksel” for the “Library Friendly of the Year” award in the continuation of the award ceremony. Hüseyin Ege, a 17-year-old man who turned the house’s barn into a library in Karaçarlı village of Düziçi District of Osmaniye, dedicated his award to his mother. Hüseyin Ege founded the library with 150 books inherited from his mother. Gök continues to grow Yüksel’s Library every day with the support of the people. Yüksel’s Library, which has around 500 books available along with houses with TV rooms, movie screenings, computers,  books appealing to all ages and interests of the village people weekly magazines, volunteers contributing to the development and living rooms Zahide Doğan and Emine Ünal ‘In support, continues to serve during  summers and winters.

After the award ceremony, the chair of the honor “Honorary Guest” Sevin Okyay took the platform. Okyay talked about his experiences with books, international libraries and librarians.


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