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I. Ü. Library and Documentation Department of Rare Books Library incorporating outstanding examples of the cultural life is shedding light to Turkish society.

Library is located on Besim Ömer Pasha street.the connecting Beyazit Square with Süleymaniye

Built in 1912 on the orders of Lord Şeyhülislam Hayri Afandi as the Ministry of Defense Medreset’ül Kudat (Kadılar Madrasa) The architect of the building was Kemalettin Bey.
Upon the closure of madrasas in the Republican period the building has been allocated to be used as a library to Istanbul Dar’ül Fünûn.

Library readers began to be served on December 1, 1924. In the year with the Law No. 1933 2252 Dar’ül Fünûn was transformed into the university the library became the library of Istanbul University. With the introduction of 2547 Higher Education Law in 1982 the name “IU Library and Documentation Department” was acquired.

The 3-storey building has 677 m2.
I. Ü. Library and Documentation Department of Rare Books Library collection contains a total of 52 thousand volumes of printed books in Turkish, Arabic, Persian, Latin and in other languages and manuscripts, magazines, newspapers, maps and notes, plans, as well as II. Abdulhamid collection 911 albums including about 36 thousand photos.
In 1925, granting of Yıldız Palace Library collection to the library with Mustafa Kemal Ataturk’s orders brought a lot of works of museum value to the existing collection.

One of the honorary features of the library is the fact that Atatürk benefited from it. The books Mustafa Kemal Atatürk borrowed from the library when in Istanbul are exhibited in a special cabinet.

The library collection has been enriched by donations and acquisitions. The collection is composed of Yıldız Palace Library, Mullah Sahip, Riza Pasha, Halis Efendi, Mollazada Ibrahim Bey İbn’ül with manuscripts in Hakki Pasha and in the Faculty of Arts and books and articles of Emin Mahmud Kemal Inal.

In addition, in the library writing instruments related to books and calligraphies, Yıldız porcelain works and items from various museums are on display.

Today, with the new system, the oldest books, scanned with digital scanners, are provided for researchers service.

According to the 23rd resolution of the İstanbul University Board of Directors dated 12/10/2017 and 72nd meeting, the following rules have been updated.

İstanbul University

Library and Documentation Department

Rare Books Library

Rules of Use

User Qualifications to Benefit from Rare Books Library Services

Rules within the scope of User Services to the Rare Books Library

  • İstanbul University Library and Documentation Department application form included in EK-1 to the Rare works Library for the Turkish citizens, who want to benefit from the digital copies of the works in the collection of Rare Books in the collection of the students and researchers, photocopy and student / faculty documents.
  •  In this form, the university where the subject of study is the teaching staff or student; If the researcher is interested in the subject / published book, article, paper, etc. publications and the names of the works or works on the request of these persons can  benefit from the works, depending on the type of utilization and the duration of the work to be done.
  • The same can be done by means of mail, e-mail and other legal notices. In addition, low-resolution copies of the works can be opened to the use of academicians, students and researchers over the web.
  • Digital copies of public associations and organizations that work on writing and rare prints, foundations for which tax exemptions are granted by the Council of Ministers and public interest associations shall be made to the Presidency following the application procedure set forth above and the request shall be evaluated by the University administration.
  • Applicants who are evaluated as positive can be granted free access to digital copies of works under study.
  •  Applicants are entitled to receive up to five copies of a digital copy for free in each subject, subject to the subjects they are studying. However, faculty members of İstanbul University can benefit from an unlimited number of members.
  • Copy requests for works not transferred to electronic media are evaluated by the   executives.
  • Works of art such as illumination, miniature, skin, ebru and art works such as calligraphy, plates, photographs and maps can be used free of charge up to fifty pose digital copies for every application not exceeding five times a year.
  •  Articles and books to be distributed free of charge by using the requested visuals and dissertations, scientific reports, etc. an example of the work will be given to the relevant part of the executives.
  • If the use of the free-of-charge visuals for commercial purposes is requested, a high-resolution version of the visuals will be requested and a re-permission (release permission) will be issued and subject to the item "n.1".
  •  In the event that the digital copies of the works obtained under these rules are used for purposes other than those foreseen, or if they are shared unauthorized in the digital environment, necessary legal actions are taken by the relevant unit.
  • If the work is requested by genuine and legal persons to perform a medicine work from the collection of the Rare Books Library, the request shall be evaluated by the University administration within the framework of the protocol to be executed between the parties.
  • If the readers wish to film their work with their own equipment, the demand will be assessed by the management depending on the characteristics and conditions of the work.

• Miniature (1 photo frame) 14,55 TL.

• Lines and signs (1 photo frame) 14,55 TL.

• Photo (1 photo frame) 14,55 TL.

• Map (1 photo frame) 14,55 TL.

• Writing work (1 photo frame) is 1,45 TL.

• Press work (1 photo frame) 0,73 Kr.

• Movie and Video Capture (1 minute) £ 1.45.

Note : Foreign researchers’ requests and requests for commercial use are subject to a double price of the declared amount.  


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