Support for the Project " Make a Contribution " from the IU Central Library

Within the context of the project " Make a Contribution", initiated by the members of the Turkish Library Association’s İstanbul Branch, Campus İstanbul and the IU Central Library, an enrichment campaign for the Sancar Primary and Secondary School Library in Mardin Kızıltepe Sancar was carried out.

Campus İstanbul members helped with 750 novels, stories and test books provided by IU Central Library and Üsküdar Municipality Information House and volunteers consisting of stationery materials such as chess sets, paintings, decorations and glues from Nezih Kırtasiye, and Mardin Sancarlı Primary School and Secondary School Library, making technical operations and shelf arrangements.

As IU Central Library, which is trying to provide support in terms of Community Outreach projects, we would like to thank the members of TKD İstanbul Branch of Campus İstanbul who created the opportunity of realizing this project and wish the activities in terms of support continue.