A-Lending outside Publication Request Conditions for Members of the university;

1 Istanbul University faculty and staff members, our university graduate and doctorate students from other libraries through the book consultants   can make book /copy request.

  1. A person may request by a maximum of 5 publications.
  2. The workplace and home phone number must be reported.
  3. sending cargo / postage costs belongs to the user.
  4. You must have an email account extension to make the application.
  5. The duration of the Income books, sending the broadcast varies according to each library.
  6. Publications Lent, must be submitted to our library at least two days prior to the due date.
  7. users who want to extend the time contacting our library a week in advance you can extend within the rules of the respective library.

9 The same application form is also used to bring the copy of the publication. Request for for photocopies are subject to the rules of that library is valid requests (fees etc.).

10- arrival time of desired publication varies depending on whether it is a domestic or foreign demand.

B.Incoming request Conditions for from   Other Libraries

  1. Loan request for books and articles, approved by the ILL service of the library can be made using the   “Interlibrary Loan / Photocopy Request Form”
  2. Any publication desired from our library as a loan can be made if two or more copies exist. However, if a single copy exits it can not be given as a loan, but photocopies can be made.
  3. Requesting copies of all of the thesis should report the name of the person engaged in the research advisor. The students next school counselor, department and school number should also be included.

4.Bank account number, the deposit will photocopy + royalty expense (referral fee for inclusion) are reported. Reported costs, gönderilmesibeklen to address the bank account of the hospitalized receipt. As soon as we receive proof of payment, publication (s) will be sent photocopies of the relevant freight prepaid to the address given.


ILL book / thesis / article request in the form of an email account with extension of the only doctoral and graduate students can benefit.

Apart from this, request can be made through KITS from the central library of the higher education institution they belong to.

Please click here for the application form for books and Articles you want.

Istanbul University Central Library ILL Unit.

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These services are rendered online, offline, by telephone and in place.

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