"Audiological Question Bank Project" for the blind

The introductory meeting of the 'Auditory Question Bank Project' prepared for the disabled with the cooperation of the İstanbul University Library and Documentation Center, the Barrier-Free Information Center, KKB (Credit Registration Bureau) and EGED (Education for the Visually Impaired Association) was held on 12 January 2017 at the İstanbul University's Ph.D. Room.

At the promotion meeting of the project; IU Rector Prof. Dr. Mahmut Ak, General Director of Credit Registry Office Kasım Akdeniz, Head of ICU Library and Documentation Department. Dr. Pervin Bezirci, President of the Association for the blind in Education (EGED) and at the same time Emre Taşgın the owner of the project idea exchanged information about the project.

IU, the host of the meeting   . Rector Professor Dr. Mahmut Ak in his opening speech said "I would like to express that we are proud to be the partner of this project which will provide resources for disabled students preparing for university and to be the first in this area starting with the voice of current YGS and LYS resources and transferring it to digital media"

KKB General Manager Kasım Akdeniz stated that they have once again seen how they are on the right track with the project competition "Dreams Are Performing", which they have experienced in order to raise awareness for Community Outreach Projects and social problems of university students, saying that they have once again seen the project "Audible Question Bank" Attention to the importance of the project aiming to create personal, vocational and academic education programs based on equal opportunities, not including them in the production society.

Head of Department of Library and Documentation, İstanbul University. Dr. Pervin Bezirci stressed that in recent years they have done countless projects and activities for all the groups with disabilities and that for the visually impaired young people  arrangements have been carried out to provide access to information without having to fall behind their peers.

Finally, Emre Taşgın, the project owner and the President of the Association for the Visual Impaired of Education (EGED), said: "A massive blind mass can prepare for exams through their own means even by reading their own questions. As a member of this group I designed the Audiovisual Bank project while I started out from the difficulties I had experienced the experience of students with blindness. I want  to present an environment in which visually impaired students can prepare for college exams with more up-to-date and accessible resources and that their inequalities with their peers can be eliminated. "

The introductory meeting attracted great interest ended with the question and answer session.

In the first phase of the Audio Question Bank Project conducted by three people, 10 YGS tests consisting of 1,600 questions consisting of questions from the last 40 years were performed to deliver more than 2 visually impaired students. While the second phase of the project is under way  it is aimed to include resources in a sustainable manner.

This project, aiming a concerted production of personal, vocational and academic education programs based on equal opportunities for disabled people in society found common ground amongst everybody to ensure continuity.

The meeting ended with the Beyazit Fire Tower tour and a dinner organization.

We would like to thank İstanbul University for supporting the project benefiting from the project team and everyone who have made an effort.

At the Press, " The Audiological Question Bank Project"