In-House Meetings Continue ...

These meetings are held to inform co-librarians working in the Library and Documentation Department on the contents of cultural or scientific meetings they have attended throughout the year.

In this context, the meeting continued with the sharing of information by Librarian Özhan Sağlık from the Central Library on 20th-24th  June 2016 on  " Edinburgh University's Knowledge Exchange programme Week" that he attended in Edinburgh University in United Kingdom.

Edinburgh University has organized a one-week program called "Library Knowledge Exchange Week" in Edinburgh, Scotland, in order to share the knowledge of archivists and librarians from various European institutions.

More than 300 applications have been submitted to the program where only 15 of which have been accepted. The participant institutions are:

  1. University of Newcastle

  2. Dublin College University

  3. University of Amsterdam

  4. Uppsala University (2 people)

  5. Glasgow University

  6. University of Swansea

  7. St. Andrews University

  8. Ostfold University

  9. University of Almeria

  10. University of Malta

  11. Istanbul University

  12. Edinburgh University (2 people)

  13. University of Bielefeld

Edinburgh University was founded in 1538. It is ranked 27th by Times Higher Education.  University collections such as libraries and archives and museums are managed from a one center. The archives, museums and libraries are managed by experts, of a variety of interests, separately. Many innovative  projects are carried out at the University of Edinburgh in 2016 (Edinburgh University, 2016a). The costs of these projects are estimated around 157 thousand 96 pounds (about 610 thousand TL). These projects include restoration of Scotland's first concert hall, development of access to archival documents, digitization of photo collections, and virtualization of library maps.

KEW 2016 is among these innovative projects, which started on June 20th and ended on June 24th.

The main topics of the meeting are;

  • General information given by Stuart Lewis, deputy director of the Library and University Collections, about Edinburgh and Edinburgh University and the Central Library tour,

  • How Edinburgh University students and Edinburgh residents are involved in the University's events,

  • Library resource cataloging,

  • Management of research data,

  • The course resources at Edinburgh University are prepared jointly by academicians and librarians,

  • Digitalization and storage works,

  • Activities for museum collection design and metadata development for photographs.

The program has given the opportunity to see cultural developments in Edinburgh University and Scotland on the spot as well as the opportunity to meet with archivists and librarians from abroad. It is possible to say that it has been an important gain to see what problems archivists and librarians are  facing and how they are getting these problems solved.