İstanbul University Holds a "Good Practice Examples and a Future Vision for 2017" Workshop

"The İstanbul University Good Practice Examples and a Future Vision for 2017" Workshops  were  held on February 27 2017 at İstanbul University's PhD Hall.

Within the scope of the workshop, Heads of Department gave a Rector Prof. Dr. Mahmut Ak, Vice Rectors and General Secretary.

Head of Library and Documentation Department Dr. Pervin Bezirci in her briefing presentation talked about  Projects for the transfer of the manuscripts of the Rare Books Library to the digital and the catalogue imprinting works which have been carried out since 2016,  the new software prepared by the Information Processing Department for our digital resources, Restoration Workshop,  Abdülhamid IInd. Photo Albums Project,  Rare Books Projects, Music Works  Project,  a Look at History from the Newspaper,  İstanbul University Publications Project,  İstanbul University Thesis Project and "You just Read" Project :  Community Outreach Projects like İ.U. Supporting School Libraries,  all the projects carried out in our Presidency and planned to be carried out,  as well as the conferences,  collaborations, as well as the activities of innovation and change.

In addition,  the pressing needs and solutions for the provision of quality services at international standards positive decisions were made for the work to be done for 2017 and following years and innovations were taken up.

On this occasion, we offer deep thanks to our esteemed Rector Prof. Dr. Mahmut Ak to all administrative bodies of the university and everyone who has worked hard for the support of our projects once again.