İstanbul University’s Central Library Barrier-free Information Center, EGED in cooperation with the Credit Registration Bureau' Voiced Question Bank' Project for those visually impaired.

Within the scope of the equal opportunity principle in the education for the visually impaired, the "Voice Question Bank" project prepared by a Gazi University's visually impaired student who is the first in the category of "2016 Education Category" in the competition of Community Outreach Projects organized by the Credit Registration Bureau which aims to create academic learning environments.  We are happy to be a stakeholder of this Project and are working with all of our power to make arrangements that enable our visually impaired young people to have access to information without falling behind their peers.

(EGED) 'and' İstanbul University Library and Documentation Department's Barrier-free Information Center (IU) ', which aims to contribute to the study of visually impaired students preparing for university exams by sending the current YGS and LYS sources to libraries serving the visually impaired. KDDB EBM) 'partnership. Within the scope of the project, the resources that are transferred to the digital center by the IU Central Library and voiced by the volunteers of the   IU Central Library will be delivered to the needy students by EGED and İB KDDB EBM.

The Director of  the Istanbul University Library and Documentation Department, who works with KKB on the recording and editing of voice recordings, Dr. Pervin Bezirci points out "We continue to work towards becoming a strong, rich information and document center that has been able to provide the best service to all stakeholders independent of time and location with all kinds of modern technological and physical facilities suitable for the learning needs of the future.  We will continue to do so for the sustainability of the Project”

KKB General Manager Kasım Akdeniz stated that they have once again seen how well they are on the way to the project competition "Dream it and we will make it come true"  along with the "Audible Question Bank" project in order to increase their awareness of social responsibility of university students. Emphasizing the importance of the project which aims to create personal, vocational and academic education programs based on equal opportunity.

Emre Taşgın, the president of the Association for the Visual Impaired of Education (EGED),  who owns the project and who is also the President of the Association for the Blind and Visually Impaired in Education (EGED), is the primary Credit Registration Bureau to support the realization of our dreams in the project of creating accessible question banks for the visually impaired individuals preparing for the University Entrance Examination rounded it off  by extending his gratitudes to the Barrier-free Information Center people ”