Library Week Photo Exhibition: "Librarians within Life"

The theme of this year's photography exhibition, set to take plsce in the Library Festival, organized by the Library and Documentation Department of İstanbul University in 2013 and which has traditionaly been repeated every year with popular demand and appreciation is: "Librarians within Life"


Among the dusty shelves, the image of a librarian with a frowny eye and thick glasses has always been a popular one as everyone else’s in your life.  Another perspective that depicts the world from all its aspects with poetry and photograph. The libraries are as colorful and fun just as much as informative with the books in their repositories. Part of life with all its joy and sorrow. The shutter releases and records  a moment. This is exactly why we want these photos from you.  For an exhibition where we plan to open the library outside the library.  We want to display our closeness to culture and art as  books to photos

"Librarians within Life"

53.For the exhibition "Librarians within Life" planned to be opened within the Library Week; Volunteers from our colleagues can join with two photographs. The photos they submitt will be displayed after a preliminary evaluation within the framework of the following rules.


Deadline:  March 5, 2017

Notice to Exhibit Photos:  March 10, 2017

Exhibition Date:  28 March  - 28 April 2017



  • The subject-matter is free for photos to be sent.

  • Each participant may apply with up to two (2) Digital Color artwork.

  • The photos to be sent must be without papermaking and without margins. There should not be any information for example, the name, signature, logo, date, etc. That may reveal participant's identity on the photo.

  • The image should not distort the quality of the documentary; Some operations such as color, sharpness, dusting, contrast adjustments, acceptable photographic interventions are allowed. The photographs (collage) created by assembling more than one photograph are not acceptable.

  • Photographs to be sent must be recorded in jpg / jpeg format, 150-300 dpi and 8-12 compression quality, at least 1080 pixels on the short edge and 2400 pixels on the long edge, and the sizes of the files should not be less than 2 Mb, 4 Mb .

  • All submitted photos must have been captured by the participant. Any legal liability of copyright infringement that may arise in the event of the use of images of others as part of or in part is the responsibility of the participant.

  • The exhibitor acknowledges, declares and undertakes that the photographs he has submitted for the exhibition are his / her own and that his / her permission has been obtained. On the contrary, it will be considered as a violation of the rule.

  • İstanbul University Library and Documentation Department and the İstanbul Branch of the Turkish Librarians' Association can present photographs at different locations or in social / written media and internet sites; exhibitions, posters, catalogs, brochures, etc. has the right to use it in all promotional materials.

  • The participant is considered to have allowed their photos to be published free of charge in the media and / or by way of other media be it cinema or television.

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İstanbul University Library and Documentation Department Turkish Library Association's İstanbul Branch.