Meeting with Library Friends in the 4th. Library Festival ...

The following activities took place respectively:

The "Library Festival 4", held in 2013 for the first time and repeated every year due to popular demand and appreciation was held on March 28, 2017 at İstanbul University’s Central Library this year on the occasion of the 53rd. Library Week.

This year,  the festival was presented by Özkan Ayalp,

The cute and ingenious Robot Rob, produced by Istanbul University's valuable teaching staff,

"We Want to go crazy" an improvised play by theater Art-Niyetliler ,

The BOX BOX contest, which we have already made in every festival to keep our catalog boxes  substituted by Antik-Antika  even existed in the automation system where the questions are stored in the drawers instead of the book jackets whre  the surprise gifts are hidden,

The photographic exhibition "Librarians from within Life", consisting of photographs taken by our librarian colleagues w orking in various institutions,

The important resources of scientific studies, which are active in the field of librarianship our indispensable stakeholders and the promotional stands of database companies sponsoring this beautiful event,

Presenting our sponsors with plackets,

And interview with music was performed with famous artist İlhan Şeşen and Tanburi sound artist Hakan Dedeler.

İ.Ü. Senior management, many faculty members, librarians, students and book friends participated our ceremony.

At the opening of the festival, which started with the snacks, President of the Department made a speech with the theme "We aim to make libraries and librarians more visible". After Pervin BEZİRCİ, IU Rector Assistant Prof. Dr. Halis Yunus ERSÖZ also made a speech emphasizing the importance of library and librarianship.

Rob continued to play the game "We Want to Play", and the box-box contest which is now classicized,

While all the sponsors who financially supported our festival were given plaques of appreciation, master artists İlhan Şeşen and Hakan Dedeler who attended to our festival with whom the friends of the library made interviews this year. During the interview İlhan Şeşen interpreted a repertoire among his favorite works named "Bana esmeyi anlat", "Ellerimde Çiçekler", "Erzurum Çarşı Pazar" and "Neler Oluyor Bize?"

Thus, the "Library Festival 4" which we aimed to reflect the dynamic structure of the libraries, emphasizing the image of cheerful, energetic library and librarian fulfilled its purpose with the intense interest of our guests.

We would like to thank all the library friends for their participation and support.

We wish you all the best from our 53rd  Library week wishing many happy returns.



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