The Cooperation between IU. Central Library & Cambridge University Library

The librarian Cihan Kalın, a member in our Central Library, received a one-week practical training at Cambridge University in England under the "Erasmus Staff Mobility Program" with the support from our university.

Within the scope of "Erasmus Personnel Mobility Program";

* General information given by Yasmin Faghih, Director of the Middle East Department of Library Collections, about the University of Cambridge and the Central Library tour,

* How Cambridge University students and Cambridge residents have participated in library events,

* Library resource cataloging,

* Management of research data,

 * The work of Cambridge University lecturers to prepare academics and librarians together,

* Digitalization and storage works,

* Museum collection design,

* Activities to develop top data on rare artifacts.

are amongst many activities that have been carried out.

Through the "Erasmus Personnel Mobility Program",  İ.Ü's Central Library has had the opportunity to get in touch with the archivists and librarians of the University of Cambridge receiving information on how to deal with the problems  librarians have encountered and how the solutions to these problems have been produced.

Librarians working in the Library and Documentation Department shared Cihan Kalın's Cambridge experience with team members in the Central Library with a meeting held within the framework of the regularly organized Intra-Institutional Series of Meeting to inform other non-attendant librarians about the contents of cultural or scientific meetings they attended throughout the year. We would like to thank the administration of the University of İstanbul, which supports the library and the Central Library team,  dedicated to self-development.