A Welcome to 2019 with new prospects and new achievements

As a result of the completion of the 1st stage of the Cataloging, Barcode System and Listed Laying Transactions of the Central Library project and the new year as a family of İÜ Central Library, we had a short break and met for a lunch. Within the scope of the project, many detailed and comprehensive works of the valuable collection belonging to the Istanbul University Central Library, one of the biggest university libraries of our country, having the distinction of being both a compilation and a library of research universities. completed in accordance with its first stage target. With an historical responsibility and a very important process, it was worked like a lace work with a needle in every step of the project, which was exhausting, stressful but at the same time tasteful and emotional an experience; Automation Bibliographic data entries in old card catalogs were recorded in the Automation System (SirsiDynix); accurate and complete access to all publications by researchers was made possible. Barcode system was applied to the publications in the collection, and the counting process was made easy, accurate and fast. In order to protect the publications, the packing process was carried out under careful conditions. Thus, during the renewal of the Central Library building, the entire collection was made ready for transportation.
All the artifacts were overhauled and damaged ones were identified, repaired or repaired in special envelopes.
All publications until up to the letter revolution (including 1928) were parsed, recorded and included in the collection in our Rare Books Library.
During the studies, we have recently taken some notes on the newly discovered values; signed by the ministers of some periods, dedicated to the members of the dynasty, who were renowned for their success in the field of our library of valuable works, donated to our library, interesting publications appeared.
Each publication is registered in the automation system and the most recent data entry has been provided to be an assembly library.
In the second phase of the project; following the second half of 2018, and as of 2019, the works are being transferred to the library in the fastest way to the automation system.
Within the project scope; a very efficient work was carried out for 6 months with a team of approximately 150 people in different positions. Behind the completed works there was a great team spirit reflection, belonging, love for books and professions because every page of labor was precious for us.
With the same feelings, we continue to work by waiting for the construction of our new library building, which can be serviced in high quality conditions appropriate to the conditions of the day.
We hope that all of our libraries and librarians, who are indispensable to access to information in a productive and developing society, will be truly hopeful in 2019.