ANKOSLink 2019, İstanbul University, Robots and Artificial Intelligence: New Challenges for Libraries panel, İstanbul University Informatics Department’s Contribution

Ankoslink 2019, the most extensive international conference in Turkey, whose theme this year was "Globalization and Sustainable Digital Libraries" was held in Antalya Turkey between 02-05 April 2019.

Approximately 500 people and 60 companies from various disciplines participated in the International Conference where in the importance of the concepts of University 4.0, Industry 4.0 and Library 4.0 in digital age within the framework of sustainability in different geographies in terms of practices and theory in different libraries were emphasized. The conference was attended by two people from the Electronic Resources Department and one from the İstanbul University’s Central Library. Also in the program; Robots and Artificial Intelligence: New Challenges for Libraries panel, which emphasizes the current reflections of the innovations brought by the technology to the librarianship services and the changes that the informatics experts anticipate in the future, presented in the “New Challenges for Libraries “ panel. Dr.Murat Gezer and Dr. Serra Çelik also contributed as panelists. On the third day of the conference;, as major changes were taking place all over the world, the moderator of the technology demonstrating the power of technology in applicable and sustainable services in the digital era was carried out by Bilgi University Library’s Director Sami Çukadar, Dr. Serra Çelik clarified the concepts of data and big data. Dr.Murat Gezer talked about the development of artificial intelligence, its current situation and its applications. Juja Chakarova, one of the panelists and Max Planck Luxembourg Institute Library Director, talked about the robotics in his library and focused on the future of the use of robotics in librarianship. The last panelist Esra Çeltek Coşkun talked about how they used technology in the University of Illinois Library where she worked as a Collection Analysis and Planning Specialist.

In the conference attended by Anatolian University Libraries Consortium Association (ANKOS), with librarians from Eastern and Southern Europe, North Africa, Middle East and Turkic Republics, presentations were made on the following topics such as; information service / Digital Globalization, Digital Transformation, Digital Adaptation, Economical Sustainability, Technological Adaptation, Sustainable thought, Social Sustainability in Libraries, Digital Libraries, Sustainability of Access to Information, Sustainable Digital Protection, Sustainable Systems, Sustainable Development, and Sustainable Library Applications.