Central Library 2019 - 2023 Strategic Plan Workshop ..

İstanbul University 2019 - 2023 Strategic Plan Workshop III titled "Aim, Target and Performance Indicators, Identification" was held at Bolu Büyük Abant Hotel on 22-24 November 2017. The workshop, in which the ways in which İstanbul University should  follow in order to increase brand value and improve its vision were taken up, was organized with the aim of "Development of Institutional Capacity".

It started with Prof. Dr. Mahmut Ak's opening speech. İU Rector Prof. Dr. Mahmut Ak began his speech stating that İstanbul University is proud of being  "a Research University" and said: "It was not a coincidence that we are a research university. Every one of you provided your contribution here. I would like to thank all the members of your team who have started this work with you and made it possible to spread it to the public.

İÜRector Prof. Dr. Mahmut Ak said that “Being a Research University', İstanbul University has taken on new responsibilities for which we are experiencing a joy but from the moment we have experienced this joy, we need to be cognizant of the challenges that the new era weighes on our shoulders. We have learned how to proceed on this path. We have seen the right path and we have seen how successful we can be when we are gaining steam. This has also given us insghts for the new endevours "

Within the scope of the workshop , the teaching members, deans and department heads, the objectives and indicators  were discussed in three sessions and the reports on results were read out. The workshop also included assessments to identify opportunities and threats that our Libraries face with their strengths and weaknesses and our Department Head Dr.Pervin Bezirci shared the objectives set out for the 2019-2023 Strategic Plan of the Library and Documentation Department.