Commemoration of İbnü’l-Emin Mahmud Kemal İnal took place on the occasion of 60th anniversary of his death.

İbnü’l-Emin Mahmud Kemal Inal, who donated his huge library to the Library of İÜ’s Rare Books Library and Documentation Department was commemorated on the 60th Anniversary of his death on May 17, 2017 at the İÜ Rectorate Building’s PhD Hall.

 Prof. Dr. Sedat Murat,  Vice Rector Making the opening speech of the program “From the most important personalities of the last century, we embrace the one who was  a role model in every aspect, Ibn al-Mahmoud Kemal Inal and the 60th anniversary of his death. Like Ibnu’l-Emin Mahmud Kemal İnal, a person who  found the groundwork for self-improvement and whose role can not be filled in as he  devoted  his life with special efforts and intelligence. As a university, an important aspect for us is the Library of Istanbul University’s Rare Books Series, which contains its own works, manuscripts, tables, plates, documents, archives. İbnü’l-Emin Mahmud Kemal İnal, a man of commitment, devoted himself to the students. Today, young people do not know most of the important names in history, which is a big problem. In order to solve this problem our university is always open to such cultural activities. I also congratulate everyone who has made and effort in this organization. ”

Afterwards, a panel moderated by Prof. Dursun Gürlek Dr. Abdullah Uçman, briefed on İbnü’l-Emin Mahmud Kemal İnal’s life; Professor Dr. Uğur Derman, talked on  İbnü’l-Emin Mahmud Kemal İnal’s memories; Exp. Dr. Mustafa Küçük gave information about the archive resources about Ibn al-Emin Mahmud Kemal İnal.

Following the panel, a Classical Turkish Music Concert was performed by Istanbul University Chorus in IU Rectorate Building’s Blue Hall. Four works composed of the poems of İbnü’l-Emin Mahmud Kemal İnal were presented by the executive board in the concert.

The program ended with a cocktail.