Elsevier Writer Workshop Was Held

The Elsevier Writer Workshop , held on December 10, 2018 in the Great Hall of the IU Congress Culture Center, was the fourth workshop organized by Istanbul University Central Library with different publishers in 2018. This workshop, held in cooperation with Elsevier Publishing House, was held with the participation of nearly 400 academicians.

The first part of the presentation made by the Publisher's representative of Turkey Saida Sak, informed about the use of Science Direct and Scopus databases for details prior to participating in scientific research. In the second part, it was emphasized that the conversion of the researches should be determined in a concrete way.

The importance of the selection of the journal, the construction of the article, the need to use the scientific language effectively and appropriately was focused on author ethics is mentioned in the beginning of the author's responsibilities. Information was given to evaluate the article and to increase the visibility of the article. The editorial studies of the journals and the referees and the referee selection, which will evaluate the scientific competence of the article, were also discussed. At the end of the presentation, the participants were given the required code for the online certificate of attendance.

The workshops and seminars supporting the users of the İstanbul University Central Library will continue with specialized publishers.