Emerald Writer Workshop was held...

Author Workshop, which covers the process of designing and publishing academic research (articles, books, case studies / cases) in international publications organized in cooperation with Istanbul University Central Library and Emerald Publishing House was held in Prof. Fuat Sezgin Congress and Culture Center in the Great Hall. About 300 people, including academicians, researchers and graduate students, attended the event. Workshop, Head of Library and Documentation Department. Following the opening speech by Dr. Pervin Bezirci providing latest information about the Central library, Emerald Publishing gave a brief information about the publishers and then the representative of Turkey, Prof. Mine Tonta Dr. Mehmet Demirbağ's presentation followed.

Professor of International Business at the University of Essex and Associate Dean of Essex Business School. Dr. Mehmet Demirbağ in the first session; from the title of the article to the selection of a successful article until the selection of the magazine criteria, referee evaluation stage, the common features of rejected articles, such as many details of the publication process of a research output was described from the beginning.

Professor Demirbağ, the second session; discussed case / case writing and publishing processes. He gave brief information on the work done at UK universities. Several examples of how case studies can be used in education, focused on the basic criteria in case studies. When a case was translated into a publication, it was emphasized that it was necessary to obtain permission from the aforementioned persons and institutions and to review it legally. Session ended with questions and answers.