Exhibition “A view from Newspapers to History” has been opened...

The exhibition "Gazeteden Tarihe Gazi", prepared by our library in the scope of 54. Library Week, was held on 26 March 2018 at Professor Dr. Cemil Bilsel Conference Hall in the foyer area with the attendance İstanbul Governor İsmail Gültekin, Rector Mahmut Ak, Istanbul Provincial Director of Culture and Tourism Coşkun Yılmaz and our Head of Department Dr.Pervin Bezirci. The exhibition called a lot of attention on the opening day. On the second day of the exhibition, the General Director of Press Advertisement Association (RCC) Yakup Karaca and his teammates visited the exhibition. You can visit the Exhibition “A view from Newspapers to History” between 27- 30 March 2018 at İÜ Congress and Culture Center between 09.00 - 16.30 hours.

The Project “A view from Newspapers to History”
İstanbul University Library and Documentation Department's Central Library collection contains approximately 18,072 volume newspapers published in various languages such as Ottoman, Greek, Bulgarian, French, German, English, Turkish.
“A view from Newspapers to History” project has been initiated in order to preserve this valuable newspaper archive that will shed light on the history of the period and to present it to the researchers. Within the scope of the project, it was aimed to provide web-based access to approximately 1200 volumes of local and national newspapers from 1928 to 1942 by transferring digital media to this valuable collection.
With daily accessibility and OCR method, there are currently about 482 volumes, 54 pages of which have been scanned for 455,681 page images from national and local newspapers, and the work is ongoing.
Digital images of the newspapers can be accessed via the library automation system: //symphony.istanbul.edu.tr/gazete/milliyet/

Exhibition of “A view from Newspapers to History”
Exhibition; Selected from the Turkish newspapers whose operations were completed within the scope of the project; containing a selection of economic, political, cultural, artistic events of the period and news about İstanbul University.
There are also reports on the inside pages of the newspaper, mostly on the front page. In the photographs, the background layout of the newspaper was used and the selected news was placed in various sizes on the news.
The news language and the pictures used in the newspapers which have been preserved in the library store for almost a century will appear as if bringing the history of the period back to our age at first sight. Although it is a dream to imagine that our memories will come alive while traveling to the past with this exhibition, it will be inevitable that you will stay in front of every pose on the street for a long time.
We sincerely thank Online Information for their support to our exhibition.