Exhibition, to comemorate the 100th Anniversary of Sultan Abdulhamid's death, opens

Under the Turkish Republic Presidential Protocols and Auspicies, İstanbul University Library and Documentation Department and  Rare Books Library, Yıldız Palace Museum Directorate and Yıldız Technical University . The opening of the symposium and exhibition entitled "Understanding Sultan Abdülhamid II in the 100th Anniversary of his Death" was organized with the cooperation of the Abdulhamid Research and Application Center and with the participation of the President of the Turkish Republic the opening of the exhibition took place on February 10, 2018.

In addition to President Mr Erdoğan and his wife, members of the Grand National Assembly of Turkey, Prime Ministers, Ministers, Governor of İstanbul, Rector of İstanbul University and some other university rectors, İstanbul Metropolitan Mayor, lecturers, executives and employees who participated in the exhibition, people from the cultural world and members from  the Ottoman Dynasties also attended the event.

The exhibition, which can be described as the greatest visual archive of the 19th century housed valuable works belonging to Sultan Abdülhamid II period in the collection of Library of Rare Works Library of İstanbul University Library and Documentation Department. Photographs reflecting the political, geographical and cultural richness of the period selected from world famous photo albums and the Yıldız Palace Museum.

The exhibition "Understanding Sultan Abdülhamid on his 100th Anniversary of Death", opened by the Presidential Department at the Yıldız Palace Silahhane Department, will be open to public between 10: 00-16: 00 until February 25, 2018.

At least one day prior to the scheduled visit date, visitors to the exhibition are kindly required to  send their name-surname and citizen numbers to visit the exhibition to muze@tccb.gov.tr.

Following the approval of the exhibition visit request, the date and time of the appointment are confirmed through a  contact with the applicant. The applicant must be present at the Yıldız Palace   Main Gate at the exact date and time of the appointment. (https://www.tccb.gov.tr/activities/sergi/