İU’s Central Library is undergoing a renewal ...

The Central Library building located at Beyazıt Campus of İstanbul University will be rebuilt to serve its users under better  conditions.

The Central Library will be temporarily closed from 18 June 2018 for pre-moving work. Electronic resource services * and Barrier-free Information Center services will continue to provide service.

Users of İU’s Central Library will be able to benefit from the Beyazıt State Library with the same collection and quality as the İU’s Central Library’s for the print resources.

İstanbul University’s Rare Books Library and Faculty Libraries will continue to provide services.

Thank you for your understanding.

* Electronic Resources: http://kutuphane.istanbul.edu.tr/tr/

İU Publications and theses that continue to function within the context of open access: http://acikerisim.istanbul.edu.tr/