İU’s Rector Prof.Dr. Mahmut Ak Visits İU Central Library

ector of İstanbul University Prof.Dr. Mahmut Ak visited the Central Library, located at the IU Beyazıt Campus, which underwent a renewal in order to serve its users in higher quality conditions. 

”Every Book Is A History Every Book Has A Different Story“

İU Rector Prof. Dr. Mahmut Ak expressed his happiness about the sensitive works carried out within the scope of the renovation works of the IU Central Library. An Each book is a history. Each book has a different story. It is necessary to complete the move without losing this memory. We need to look at this not only as a business but also as a national mission. Here it is done important work on the cultural history of Turkey. Therefore, I would like to see a documentary filmed to immortalize this work. Every moment of the work must be included in the documentary. After all, one and a half million works are overhauled. The documentary will be very useful to show the human aspect of this work. Because it is a part of this human aspect to show how the staff working here are selected, what they do and how they work, he said.

”Project Team Conducts Extremely Accurate Study“
Head of Library and Documentation Department Dr.Pervin Bezirci stated that the Central Library was temporarily closed to service since 18 June 2018 in order to carry out the pre-shipment works; the collection of the central library collection, barcode processing, listing and boxing stages. A team of approximately 150 people are involved in the project. The project team carries out an extremely sensitive work. Because both İstanbul University İstanbul University Central Library is a collection with a compilation of national qualifications is worth a memory for Turkey, "she said.

A New Project of İstanbul University’s Central Library
The new library building, which is designed with all the advances of technology and which is 10 thousand m2 square meters, will serve the researchers in modern conditions with its collection containing approximately 1 million 300 thousand publications.
New Central Library building; In addition to reading rooms suitable for various purposes, academic study areas, seminar room, digitization area, catalog and computer rooms for internet research, photocopy and multimedia rooms, as well as a modern cafeteria.
İstanbul University students and staff with access to information about all bridging the disabled in Turkey to the Barrier-free Information Center will continue to serve at its new tailor made location.
The new building of the IU Central Library, designed using the latest technologies and designed with a disability-friendly approach, has today's high expectations; With its modern, comfortable, safe, state of the art, technologically-equipped features and central location, it will be able to serve the users in better conditions.
Visit by Prof. Dr. Mahmut Ak ended up with a photo shoot after visiting all the units and warehouses of the Central Library and having short conversations with the employees.