Mendeley Education Meeting Held ...

Mendeley Education Meeting, organized by Istanbul University Central Library and Elsevier Publishing House, held on 15 February 2019 between 10.00-12.00 and 14.00-16.000. in Prof. Fuat Sezgin Congress and Culture Center in the Great Hall.

Due to intensive application, the program took place in two sessions; About 600 people, including academicians, researchers and graduate students, attended the event.

In the Seminar,a briefing was made by Elsevier's Saide Sak, Education Officer Sailer Turkey on the following;
• Quick and Easy Attribution Format Application
• Organizing & Storing Reference Resources
• Current Stay & Trends Tracking in Related Scientific Area
• Assessing Cooperation & Funding Opportunities
• Academic Career Management
• Increasing Impact and Visibility
• 24/7 Access from anywhere
and information provided on the Mendeley Enterprise Edition.
During the lectures, questions from the participants were answered.
Workshops and seminars supporting the users of İstanbul University Central Library will continue with specialized publishing houses.