Our Exclusive Rare Works are at COIMBRA 2017 (Edinburgh University) Virtual Exhibition.

More than 70 objects from different parts of Europe and different periods of Europe’s  were displayed at the COIMBRA Conference held at the University of Edinburgh in June 2017 with a virtual exhibition (http: //www.collections.ed.ac.uk/coimbra).

The virtual exhibit also includes some valuable works from the collection of the Istanbul University’s Rare Books Library.

COIMBRA, a network of higher education institutions formed by 39 of the oldest and most esteemed universities in Europe, was established in 1985.

Coimbra Group, which establishes special academic and cultural ties to provide internationalization, academic cooperation and community service, aims to develop best practices through exchange of experiences (https://www.coimbra-group.eu/), (http://www.cumbra-group.eu/). ed.ac.uk/global/coimbra-2017).