The panel on “Digital Reader's Future”

The panel called "The Future of Digital Readers" within the scope of 54th. Library Week has been held on 26 March at the Faculty of Science Ord. Professor Dr. Cemil Bilsel Conference Hall.

Ertuğrul Çimen, Director of Library of MEF University, undertaking the moderation of the conference, said: "The classical method of education is now far from meeting the needs of our digital citizens. In this context, adaptive education, gamification practices are spreading rapidly in the world taking their place in traditional education models. "

The first speaker of the panel Ana Ordás, director of BIBLIOGAMIFICA, a counseling and training company focused on game-based learning and gaming, made a speech on "Gameplay in the Library".

Guillaume Favier, who spoke following Ordás said "Libraries must be dynamic and flexible in their rules. Different angles should be created within the library. Universities should attract students. It must be open-minded and appeal to people's wishes. "

Judith Böttger, the librarian responsible for the children's and youth's department at the City Library in Munich, discussed how media education needs can be met in the library said "Media education should make users more active. The media literacy panel should be done in each department of the library. The staff should be trained accordingly"