Writer Workshop was held in cooperation with Springer Nature Publishing and İstanbul University’s Central Library…

Our Vice Rector Dr. Mustafa Oral Öncül and Head of Department In the workshop, which started with the opening speeches of Dr.Pervin Bezirci, Sahin Giray, Regional Licensing Manager, presented changes and updated information on Springer Nature platform. Publisher's Mr. providing information about their activities in Turkey. Giray, Springer periodicals of our country in terms of the number of publications of researchers in the periodicals told statistical.

In the second part of the workshop; Senior editor of training seminars for writers and journal editors to help improve print output and quality Dr.Nabil Khelifi briefed about the processes of publication of scientific research and the ways that the authors should follow. Khelifi emphasized that the language used in scientific publications should be simple and also emphasized that the publication should answer four key questions; Why you did this work, what you did, what did you find, and how this study contributed to your field. He shared his experiences on what should be done to publish the study. Khelifi mentioned the points to be considered in the selection of the magazine and the application letter.

The workshop ended with answering questions from the participants. İstanbul University Central Library workshops and seminars will continue in collaboration with publishing experts to support academic studies.